Boarding Add Ons

As a full service hospital offering boarding services, we are in a unique position to meet all of your pet's needs while they are away from you. We can customize your pet's boarding stay with us to meet each of their needs by offering the following special package add on's to the basic boarding package.

Special Dietary Requirements: $4.75/day

We will feed your pet their regular diet according to your instructions. The diet must be provided or you may purchase it here at the time of boarding. *Please Note* raw food diets WILL NOT be fed unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Special Medication Requirements: $9.80/day

All boarders on any prescription medication are given the medication and monitored daily by one of our trained technicians. This is the minimum charge for administering and monitoring medication while boarding. *Diabetic care is detailed below*

Nutritional Supplement Administration: $3.25/day

If you have a nutritional supplement (such as Dasuquin Advanced) which you would like to have added to your pet's daily regimen and have no other prescribed medications, our kennel staff will give the supplement(s) as directed. (If your pet is on medication and you wish to add supplements to that administration there is no additional charge above the Special Medication fee.)

Tender Loving Care for Dogs (TLC) Package: $9.90/day

When we give TLC we add 25 minutes of additional walking a day. Some days they'll get three 15 minute walks, some days they'll get their am and pm walks to go out and then a 25 minute (or longer) walk midday. We try to cater the walking to your pet's needs.

Kitty Tender Loving Care (Kitty TLC) Package: $7.50/day

We offer kitty play time and brush out as a package deal. With our separate kitty facility we have noticed some of our purring friends like a little romp each day. Kitty TLC will include at least a 15 minute play session with kitty toys and a gentle brushing. (Please note ** not all kitty's will enjoy this service; those who prefer a private undisturbed rest will have their preference honored and we will let you know).

Puppy Package: $57.00/day inclusive

Puppies require more TLC, feedings and walks. Puppy package includes two 15 minute play times with staff and additional walks as needed. We also will feed a special Puppy diet at least 3 times daily depending on the puppy and his/her dietary needs.

Diabetic Boarding Care: $32.76/day

This includes 1 or 2 injections of your insulin given daily, feeding of your pet's special diet, any additional medication needed, and your pet kept in our hospital ward. Your pet will be cared for by trained technicians only and monitored closely. We take diabeties seriously and make sure your furry friend has a safe and healthy stay.

Boarding in Hospital Ward: Canine $20.00/day or Feline $10.00/day

We offer this alternative service if your pet needs to board in the hospital area of our facility due to extreme anxiety, need for a quieter boarding situation, or need for closer observation by technical staff. In the hospital, your pet will be monitored and tended to throughout the business day by trained technicians.

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