Canine Primary Wellness Plan

The purpose of the Canine Primary Wellness Plan is to offer our clients the convenience of a monthly payment plan for your family dog’s basic health needs while providing a discount in service costs. With enrollment in the plan you will never again have to worry that you can’t afford to bring your furry family member in for her recommended bi-annual examinations or keep her up to date with annual testing and vaccinations.

Included In Plan

Plan members receive VIP Scheduling every business day of the year! During the 12 month period of the plan, you will receive at no charge 2 full examinations, 1 microscopic stool evaluation to check for intestinal parasites, 1 serum chemistry profile/complete blood count, 1 heartworm/lyme/ehrlichia/anaplasma screening test, and 3 vaccinations ( any 3 vaccinations of your choice that are appropriate for your dog’s lifestyle). If the need arises, you can receive up to 2 additional examinations at 50% discounted price.

Optional Dental Rider

One key element of your dog's overall long-term wellbeing is good oral health. To ensure continual attention to that element, you may purchase the optional dental rider which will add to your covered services one full anesthetic dental evaluation and prophylaxis. The service includes a comprehensive examination of your dog's oral cavity, including digital molar radiographs. The procedure also includes a dedicated technician to monitor anesthesia, IV fluids, ultrasonic scaling above and below the gum line, polishing, and monitored recovery from anesthesia.


The current monthly charge for the wellness plan is $51.33 and the dental rider is $39.92. A credit card must be provided and maintained with the account to make the payments.

To sign up for the Canine Primary Wellness Plan, just inform any member of the team and they will make sure you are set up.

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