Grooming by Henry

Henry meets with each of our clients to discuss their vision of the best look for their dog. A groom here includes a bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, 15 minute brush out and a hair cut/trim as needed. Need only a bath, nothing fancy? They do that too for a lower rate. A bath includes everything but the trim (brush outs of a voluminous coat will incur additional brushing charges at 15 minute increments). Either way your dog comes home cleaner, fluffier and smelling wonderfully. Henry also offers a special service of de-shedding your dog, which involves a special bathing process and hand drying with a blower while brushing out the undercoat. It's amazing how soft your dog's coat will feel after this special treatment (and how much less hair you'll have to sweep up at home!). Henry can do a "nail buffing" for your dog which results in a smoother nail and hopefully fewer scratches on you and your floors. If your dog needs a between grooming nail trim, Henry will take care of that at a discounted price as well. Ideally a dog's nails shouldn't touch or press against the floor and waiting for 6 or 8 weeks to the next haircut may be too long to wait.

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