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Websitepics.jpg New Canaan Veterinary Hospital has always been, and continues to be, a family owned full service veterinary practice located at 7 Vitti Street in New Canaan. At a time when many if not most veterinary facilities are being gobbled up by big business, New Canaan Veterinary Hospital is still privately owned. What that means to our clients, quite simply, is superlative service and individualized care.

New Canaan Veterinary Hospital remains the first and only full service animal health care center in New Canaan. Founded by Dr. James Whitloch in 1949, New Canaan Veterinary Hospital has continuously served our local communities for over 60 years.

Dr. Paul Potenza took over the practice in 1996. Dr. Potenza is a 1988 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and specializes in veterinary dentistry and abdominal ultrasound, as well as general veterinary medicine.

Dr. Marlene Schaefler, a 1999 graduate of Cornell University, joined Dr. Potenza full time in the fall of 1999. Dr. Schaefler, as well as providing excellent medical and surgical care, is licensed to certify pets are healthy for overseas travel.

Dr. Potenza and the entire staff at New Canaan Veterinary Hospital strive at all times to provide excellent patient and client care. We believe that in order to give the best care to your pet(s) we need to have a trusting relationship with their family. Because of that belief, we invite you at any time to come to our office, request a tour of our facilities, and get to meet all of our staff.


In 2008, the New Canaan Veterinary Hospital facility underwent a complete interior renovation. The traditional "stone fortress" exterior remains principally because of enforced Town restrictions, but the interior is now the most modern facility in the area. We feel our facility reflects our medical and surgical capabilities. We digitally radiograph every dental patient as part of our included services. Our O.R. has a glass viewing window, next to our pre-operative lab area. In addition to our ultrasound machine, we have a full suite of in house lab equipment to run tests immediately if need be. Our anesthesia equipment and monitoring machines are the best to be found at any facility and our staff is expertly trained to use them. Our kennel is state of the art with motorized skylights, air-conditioning, and centralized drain system that keeps the dogs in a fresh smelling environment.

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