New Canaan Veterinary Hospital offers a full suite of diagnostic testing, including blood work, digital radiography, ultrasounds and ECGs.


We routinely perform cytology on many different tissue samples for dermatologic (skin) conditions, biopsies of tissue masses and growths, blood testing for specific infectious diseases, and general lab work for wellness and sick patient testing. We have access 24/7 to specialists should the need arise. We are fully connected to specialists around the world thanks to our state of the art digital equipment.

Along with full capabilities for off site laboratory testing, New Canaan Veterinary Hospital can perform in house tests with our computerized in-house equipment. While most routine lab work is sent out to a lab, we are able to have immediate results when an animal presents with an acute illness or in an emergency situation. In these situations, we can diagnose and begin treatment within a half an hour or less rather than having to wait 24 hours or more for results.

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